Nives’ studio, where creativity and research meet

Near the endless flow of the Ticino River (ancient source of sand and quartz pebbles for the production of glass) in the countryside near Pavia and Oltrepo Pavese region, sits Nives’ luminous and colourful studio.

A mastery of glass is acquired through technique and experimentation with coloured plate glass, which is the basis of this technique. These plates can be cut or shattered down to grains of various sizes (frits) that, when mixed, create a pictorial effect.

The Tiffany technique (copper-tying and tin-welding), gives glass panels a classic, Liberty, or more modern effect.

Artista-Vetrate 006.jpg

The sketches she designs,become colourful and luminous panels.

Glass fusing.The fusing process is carried out inside electric ovens whose temperature can exceed 800°C. The heat softens and fuses the shards together, creating a new piece of glass. The fusing process can be repeated many times if necessary.

Restoration of stained glass. Decorating with color firing.